Saturday, May 22, 2010

Couponing got you down? Or just starting out?

I got this insert  from a fellow blogger, thought it was too good not to pass it on. I know how hard and intimidating it can be just starting off or becoming more serious about couponing. Enjoy and I can't wait to see what you all have to say!

On a fairly regular basis, I receive emails from newbie couponers that say they want to give up….. They want to throw in the towel and the coupons ! They’ve had a bad experience with a mean cashier, their coupon beeped, they’ve invested 5 hours organizing and still don’t know what is what, they’ve over-spent at the grocery store because their coupons didn’t scan properly, the person behind them in the checkout line scowled and glared…. And the list goes on and on.

I know from experience that couponing can definitely present a variety of challenges, but I also know that in the long run, it is absolutely worth it! I am dedicated to providing words of encouragement and sharing my own experiences as a means to help beginner couponers have a successful journey into the amazing world of saving money. Today, I ask you to do the same…. Please lift the spirits of these struggling readers by leaving words of motivation, inspiration, and wisdom below.

Thanks Collin!

So if you have a story or have some words of encouragement please pass them on to other couponer's that are just starting out or have recently gotten discouraged by using coupons! Just a little bit of extra push could help that person save their family a lot of money.
I'll start: This ones for all of you just starting out!
Start small! Pick one or two stores to concentrate on deals and then once you feel comfortable you can expand to more and more. Getting overwhelmed will burn you out quick and may even discourage you from continuing on.
Now it's  your turn!

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  1. I spent a lot of time to organize my coupons in a way that worked for me. From start to finish it took me around 15 hours to get it all set up right, what can I say...I'm overly organized. I was tired of it all and ready to give up on it...again. I had done all of this about 3 years ago and quit. What a ton of money I wasted over those 3 years. Anyway I was standing in Target checking out and the lady in line behind me huffed and stomped her foot (how mature!) when she saw me hand the stack of coupons over to the cashier. My total was $92.18. After she scanned all the coupons I owed $0.98 and had a $5 gift card given to me. I looked at the lady and said it pays to do this and sorry for her inconvenience. Her eyes were open as wide as they could be and she asked how in the heck I did that. Had she not been totally rude I would have taken the time to tell her. So my point is, people just don't get it until they see it and it is by far worth the time to get yourself organized and able to shop and coupon with ease!