Saturday, May 1, 2010

My latest trip to Target!

Made a quick trip to Target tonight and caught a couple great deals! I was with my best friend and we were hoping to score those food proccessors for $6.24 but not luck there! But I did get my huggies and baby food for less than $20. And she got her Lea and Perrins for $.49
Here's how mine broke down.
3 packs of Huggies at 8.99 a piece Total =$26.97 less coupons ($10.00) =$16.97 less gift card($5)=$11.97
4 packs of Gerber food $1.27 each (on clearance for $.63 each) =$5.08 less 2.56 for clearance price= $2.52 less coupons ($.75(target) 1.50 (manuf.)) $2.25= $.27!!!
Total before savings $31.97
After savings was $17.24- $5 gift card total savings of $19.50 for a grand total of $12.24!!!!

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