Wednesday, July 14, 2010

$3/1 Greenworks Laundry Detergent

The $3/1 Green Works laundry detergent coupon (NO size restriction) is available again! Just go here to print this high value coupon. I’ve heard reports that Green Works laundry detergent is on clearance at various stores, so this $3 coupon should make for some very inexpensive detergent!

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  1. I went to McDonald's today to get the $1.00 of a Strawberry/Bananna Frappe. And the lady said they usually don't take the coupons printed off the internet. That's the second time I have been told that when I have tried to use coupons printed off the internet. Even though most of them say Manufacture Coupon. I just about had a fit right there in Carnival Foods, because I only bought some of the items because they were such a good deal with the coupon. Can anyone answer the question of why stores and such wouldn't take these coupons? And how to get this situation fixed so we can use the coupons. Thank you very much for reading and have a good day.