Wednesday, September 8, 2010 $25 Certificates for ONLY $2! has a new 80% off promotional code: has a new 80% off promotional code:

Take 80% off of $25 Gift Certificates and pay ONLY $2!

Just use promo code TOUCHDOWN thru 9/13!

For a total of just $2, you’ll end up getting a $25 gift certificate! Or for an even better deal, you can purchase the Dinner of the Month Club. What’s that? It’s a 12 month package that comes with 12 $25 gift certificates and one FREE $50 gift certificate! The total for this package would be $120, but after you type in promo code TOUCHDOWN—your total will drop to just $24! Wahoo! That means you’re snagging $350 worth of dining certificates for ONLY $24!


  1. looks like there is only 1 restaurant in wichita that does this! boo! :(

  2. yeah i'm hoping they will get more on there soon, i usually use this when i'm going to KC because they have quite a few on there!