Friday, October 29, 2010

My shopping adventures today...I now have a love/hate relationship with Dillons!

Overall today I spent about $65 on $400 worth of groceries but it took a little more effort than usual to get there. My local Dillon's frustrated us so much (plus my husband had to be into work in a half hour) that we left everything and took our coupons back. Our total was over $280 and for some reason the computer wanted a manager override for all the coupons or something. So, what did the manager do...? Went through every little coupon and match it up to every little item, everything matched fine so it wasn't on my end and after checking a few I thought she would "trust" that the rest were fine. NOPE, she continued and continued... so after both the boys were crying because they were hungry and ready to be done with it, I told them to forget it and we'd go elsewhere. I know they have to do their job but I felt that was a little much just because the register wanted an "OK". So after wasting 2+ hours of our time I fed the boys and headed to another Dillon's and what do you know?..... everything went just fine, no problems or beeps. I spend $40 there and another $25 a homeland. Here's a look at what I got....
 gain, sure, rice, kokkoman sauce, command strips, hotdogs, beans, oatmeal and more!

 Cereal, organic puffs, soup, hotdogs, paper towels, razors, zest, tide stain release, old spice BW, and Crest

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