Sunday, January 30, 2011

Do you consider yourself a smart shopper when it comes to your children's clothes?

As a mother of two I try to be a smart shopper when picking out our childrens clothes. I shop sales, clearance racks, consignment sales twice a year, and even welcome clothes/gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. It's always hard when they are babies to pass on cute outfits... you could say I even go a little overboard (there's been more than one occasion I find a piece that still has a tag on it because it was already outgrown or forgotten about). But this year I plan to be a lot more frugal when picking out clothes. I have to admit, I'm a gap shopper but I never shop there without a coupon or sale of 40% off or more. I also learned that a lot of the consignment sales carry great quality brands of clothing, including gap clothes. I even found a great pair of matching sweaters for my boys for Christmas last year at a sale! Another plus is that you are able to sell those clothes your children have outgrown or that you have forgotten about (oops!). I'm sure many of you have had a garage sale trying to sell your children's outgrown clothes, and although having a garage sale is a great way to sell... 9 times out of 10 you will get more out of clothing and baby items by being a consignor.
With that being said I would like to introduce a sale coming to the Wichita area the beginning of March called Rhea Lana's. Rhea Lana's has a bunch of different places they will be visiting so make sure and check their site out to see if they will be coming to your city! 

Some stats straight from Amanda at Rhea Lana's

Did you know, on average a family with three children saves approximately $600-$1200 each year by shopping consignment. And consigning families earn an average of $750.00 annually by consigning their items at our events!
Sign me up! (:

If you are in Wichita and would like to be a consignor follow the 7 steps below to get started!

on our homepage, click on the Sign Up Be a Consignor Tab. You will be prompted to
complete the information and answer some questions.

each event. We will be accepting spring and summer clothing, including jeans and light weight jackets.

We sell over 95% of these items at our sales. They are big money makers! Examples
of these items are: strollers, highchairs, cribs, pack and plays, swings, bikes, wagons,
jumpers, toys, Power Wheels, outdoor toys, furniture, etc.

4. PREP YOUR CLOTHING ITEMS. There are detailed instructions on our website
under the Merchandise Preparation tab. Once you get going, this is very easy to do!

5. PREP YOUR BIG ITEMS. Make sure your toys have batteries and are cleaned up.
Remember, these are big sellers and the better they look the better they sale!

6. ENTER & PRICE YOUR ITEMS. You will do this on our website. Just follow the easy
instructions to get going. The great thing about our software is that you can work at
your own pace and save your information as you go. This allows you to price at your
own convenience. A good rule of thumb for pricing is about 25% of the retail price for clothing and 30-40% for big toys and equipment. Infant clothes are in abundance and should be priced competitively.

7. PLACE TAGS ON YOUR ITEMS. You will find these tags at Wal-Mart of Office
Depot. If you are unable to find any, contact us. You will need the 1 ¾ inch x 1 3/32 inch string tags.

If you have any questions or need resources to help you in the process of being a consignor, they have several ways to get ahold of them:

What makes Rhea Lana's different from other consignment sales?
They're entire sale is computerized! You get your check on the day you pick up your items that didn't sell.
You also have the ability to watch sales update instantly online
Your Items are Guaranteed!  They will pay consignors for any items missing on pick up day.
Resources for Questions and Consigning Tips:Feel free to post any questions on our Facebook Fanpage
Find cosigning tips on Rhea Lana's Blog
Email me at

Have you ever shopped a consignment sale or been a consignor? I'd like to hear your input!

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