Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Redbox: Rent 2 Get 1 Free (Through 2/14!)

Beginning today, Tuesday, February 1st, through February 14th, every time you rent at least two items at once (including DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games in any combination) from a redbox kiosk, you’ll get an email with a promo code for either a FREE one-night DVD rental or $1 off your first night’s rental of a Blu-ray Disc or video game (keep in mind that this promo code will expire one week after you receive it). And the best part is that you can earn as many promo codes as you’d like through February 14th – there’s no limit! Click here for more information.

* Fine Print: Expect to receive your free promo code by email within 72 hours (if you haven’t gotten it by then, be sure to check your spam filters). In order to qualify for the free promo code, you need to rent two items at once without using a promo code to pay for either of them. Reserving 2 movies online will NOT qualify for a free promo code. You will only be sent one free promo code per checkout process even if you rent four or five items at once. FREE promo codes cannot be used to reserve a movie online.

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