Friday, July 30, 2010

My Target Trip This Week!

This week's Target trip was a little more fun! Toys at 75% off! I had been reading other posts about exactly when the 75% was taking place so I didn't miss out. I actually went one night ahead to see if maybe the date was wrong and/or to scout out what kind of toys were going to be available. The next day, Thursday, (after making a call to confirm) I hit a couple different stores and found some pretty good stuff, I had daycare kids during the day so it was killing me having to wait ALL day to be able to make it. Thankfully, not too many people were aware of the mark downs so I was still able to pick from a pretty good selection.
Here's what I found:

Fisher Price walking Lion  $42.99 --> $10.74
VTech Nitro Notebook   $49.79 ---> $12.44
Nerf ball launcher            $19.99----> $4.98
Thomas 3 piece train       $13.99 ---> $3.38
Thomas take a long set    $14.99--->$3.74
Curious George game     $19.99 --->$4.98
Geo Tracks train piece   $19.99--->$4.98
Monopoly handheld game $10.99->$2.74
Tetris handheld game       $10.09-->$2.48
Bugsby Learning system   $29.99->$7.24
Bugsby book                   $ 9.99-->$2.98 X3
Toy story 3 remote ship   $16.99->$4.24
Toy story slip and slide    $44.99->$11.24
pack of 4 waterguns        $5.99-->$1.48
magnetic fishing game      $2.49--> .62
TOTAL  was $313.26 PAID $ 84.22 plus tax!

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