Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dillon's Trip 8/1

Dillon's has pretty good sales this week, so I hit the store tonight to get those and some supplies for a little boy's birthday coming up. Like we need anymore bodywash but it created overage so I couldn't resist.
Here's a few deals I did:
P&G when you buy 4 items you get $4 off your total (did this 6 times) items included bodywash, deoderant, papertowels, and diapers.
Ivory bodywash $10/10- had $.50 q's to make it free (I got overage on one because of the e-coupon on Dillon'
Eggs $.78
I had q's for most everything else except cake mixes, power sugar, marshmellows (these are all to make the bday cake) and the monsters (they were on sale though $2/3)
Kraft Singles - $1.79 (catalina when you buy five you get $5 for the next order)
total before q's was $250.94
total after was $62.97
Savings of $187.97 which is 78% Plus I got that catalina for $5 that's good for the next trip!

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